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30 YEARFIXED @ 2.875%02.903%
20 YEARFIXED @ 2.875%02.915%
15 YEARFIXED @ 2.625%02.677%
30 YEARFHA FIXED @ 2.75%03.143%
30 YEARVA FIXED @ 2.75%02.778%
30 YEARUSDA FIXED @ 3.00%03.379%
30 YEARJUMBO FIXED @ 3.625%03.643%

*The information provided assumes the purpose of the loan is a rate and term refinance of a primary residence for a single family home with an estimated property value of $500,000, loan amount of $300,000, and a 30-day lock for borrowers with a credit score over 740. The interest rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), and points shown are subject to change without notice. Actual interest rates and APR’s may vary based on credit history, loan to value, and the purpose of the loan


**We arrange but do not make loans.


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