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"The reverse mortgage saved my life"

Learn more about working with Slade Mortgage by listening to our clients’ stories.

“It is a real pleasure working with the team you have assembled at Slade Mortgage. I have closed several thousand real estate transactions since 1996, and consider myself fortunate to be closing counsel for many of the best local banks and lenders. My team has found your office always to be attentive and professional, from loan origination to closing. The team you have assembled is expert in moving the process along much faster than which would typically be expected from a conventional lender.”

Keith McManus, Esq.

“I looked in my schedule book, only 24 days from when we met to closing! Wow! Means a lot, thank you thank you thank you! Very easy and great for my family. Thank you!”

John J.

“I am thankful for the day 12 years ago when I first walked into Slade Mortgage. Mike Burton quickly solved a very ticklish financial problem for me while the banks were being no help at all. Over the years as times have changed I have been back to Slade several times to refinance. It has always been the same. This is, fast, personal service from a staff on my side of the court, and, at a price that always beats the banks.”

Chris G.

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